martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


The Hey studio and the colective Suc, made  a indecent proposal.

If you are fidget and committed to the social design, we propose the creation of a poster on Jasmine Revolution.

The winner will take’s an original t-shirt Hey, a poster signed by the studio and also all the participants will get their work exposed (depending on the number of participants).

To participate just send us your poster to

What is Jasmine Revolution?

Undoubtedly, the Arab world is changing. During the 2011 Middle East countries and especially the Maghreb are living their own French Revolution. Equality, transparency, democracy, jobs and more opportunities is what these towns are aiming for, since up to date they have lived under dictatorial regimes and absolute monarchies.

The insurgent camps are organized in an intuitive way and with clear instructions on posters, improvised paintings on walls, banners, flags, etc. While proclaiming universal values and basic rights the revolutionary wave affects different nations each with its own identity and cultural signs.


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